With Donald Trump’s Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, It’s Worth Looking at Rational Climate Change Skeptics Actually Believe

by Mark Angelides Almost every major world newspaper and website has gone into meltdown since President Trump announced that the US would not be moving forward with the Paris Climate Accord. The headlines range from the incredulous to the mocking, … Read more

BREAKING: SHOOTING INCIDENT IN PARIS – Reports of several casualties… At least two attackers… POLICE KILLED

SHOOTER KILLED, ‘SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE’ INVESTIGATED… Police officer killed in Champs Elysees shooting One suspect shot dead  At least one other suspect thought to be on the loose Central Paris in lockdown France under state of emergency At least two attackers … Read more

BREAKING: Paris Is In Total CHAOS, Looks Like A War Zone, Protests Run Out Of Hand!

twitter.com/TEN_GOP/status/843542848645414912   Under the banner, “march for justice and dignity “, thousands in Paris rallied against police brutality on Sunday, with authorities using tear gas against some demonstrators. Protesters chanted “no justice, no peace” and “police everywhere, justice nowhere” to … Read more

Paris Is In Total Chaos, Looks Like A War Zone. Still Think Trump Is Overreacting When He Calls For A Ban On Radical Islamists?

twitter.com/TEN_GOP/status/833139404432478208?s=03) Paris. Import the third world, become the third world. pic.twitter.com/ucLu7libnX — Tennessee (@TEN_GOP) February 19, 2017 Cultural enrichment in progress.#ParisRiotspic.twitter.com/kpg3N83TaR — Tennessee (@TEN_GOP) February 19, 2017 MARINE Le Pen has lambasted President Hollande and a union of Judges for … Read more