Departmental Cowardice – Stunning Police Reports Highlight Broward County Sheriff Officers Hiding Behind Cars, Trees During Parkland School Shooting…

by sundance Despite multiple court maneuvers by officials within Broward County Florida, details of the severity of Broward County Sheriff’s Office cowardice are beginning to surface. There were ‘several’ Broward County sheriff officers immediately on the scene during the Parkland school shooting, … Read more

How an extra GPS tracker on a drug dealer’s car unraveled a corrupt Baltimore police force that robbed homeless people and resold confiscated heroin and ecstasy back on the street

A shocking look into Baltimore’s corrupt Gun Trace Task Force, that would routinely rob citizens of money and drugs, then turn around and sell them back on the street. The task force even robbed a homeless man of his money. … Read more

Seattle police use ‘red flag law’ to seize firearms…. “We now have to go to someone’s house and knock on the door and say, ‘We’re from the government.” 

SEATTLE — The Seattle Police Department used the “red flag law” warrant for the first time by taking a handgun from a man in downtown Seattle on Thursday, according to a Seattle Police Department. Washington state is one of five … Read more