EXPOSED: The Media Wants You To Feel Sorry For This Illegal Immigrant Mother — Tucker Tells The Real Story Behind Her Arrest

The video shows a woman being pulled away from her three screaming daughters as ICE orders her to get into a van. Media outlets ran with the “upsetting” video, focusing their headlines on the idea that the woman was unfairly being taken … Read more

Chris Vermeulen: The Real Trade Is The Coming 80% Rally In Silver Due To Broader Economic Pressures

by Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders ECONOMIC PRESSURES TO DRIVING METALS HIGHER LONG-TERM The analysis we have been conducting regarding the US and global markets shows one very interesting component that many people are overlooking – the pricing pressure in precious metals.  … Read more

There is no need to read 1984 anymore cos we have a real life Orwellian action going on in the UK…this is absolutely horrifying to witness

Two Free Speech Activists Released After 72 Hour Detention By British Authorities for “Incorrect Thoughts”… I was waiting to see where this story went, and to hear first-hand from the two people arrested and detained in British prison for daring to want to … Read more

Will Your Driver’s License Soon Become Invalid as ID? The "REAL ID" Act goes into effect October 1, 2020. The most threatening aspect of the REAL ID initiative is that it’s a security and privacy nightmare.

Drivers licensing is not about qualifying to operate a motor vehicle, it has become a database and tracking program for the federal government. The requirements for the states to issue drivers licences are being dictated by the Department of Homeland … Read more

The American Dream is dead. It's happened so slowly without real media coverage that the majority is clueless. What happens next?

“Study By MIT Economist: U.S. Has Regressed To A Third-World Nation For Most Of Its Citizens” Does the “normal” U.S. citizen know this? Why not? by Yossarian Johnson America divided – this concept increasingly graces political discourse in the U.S., pitting … Read more