Agenda-driven reporting: Vox reports that firearms killed more 15 to 19 year olds than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined in 2016

by DCG Another example of Vox serious “reporting.” Hey, I want a grenade launcher, too!!! Because those diseases typically kill so many more young adults. Another fine example of a Vox “Explainers.” From the experts at Vox: The message from high school studentsfollowing last week’s Parkland, Florida, … Read more


We examined Julian Assange, and he badly needs care – but he can’t get it… FBI officials worried about being too tough on Hillary Clinton during email investigation, texts show “The last thing you need [is] going in there … Read more

Reports Of Internet Outages And Questions About Texas Baptist Church Shooter Indicate Our Concerns Were Not So Absurd About November 4, 2017.

by Ruby Henley I did a report a couple of days ago about concerns surrounding the Emergency Nationwide Drill being performed at the same time that the Left organization Refuse Fascism/Antifa declared their protests to oust President Trump and Vice … Read more

George Webb Was Setup – Suing The FBI (Andrew McCabe) – False Reports In CNN And NEW YORK TIMES And Other Publications Defamed Him – Asking Larry Klayman To Be His Attorney.

by Pamela Williams   I knew this was going to happen sooner or later, and I hope Larry Klayman will take this lawsuit for George Webb and shoot to the moon with it.  George Webb is an investigator and journalist I … Read more

BREAKING: Hospital Computers Across England Shut Down By Cyberattack, Phone Lines Cut! Reports Of Hackers Demanding Ransom

“Hospitals across England have reportedly been hit by a large-scale cyberattack. Some are having to divert emergency patients, with doctors reporting messages demanding money. The Guardian says National Health Service (NHS) hospitals across the country appear to have been simultaneously … Read more

FOX NEWS Under Attack – Only Mainstream News Media Left Who Reports The Truth – Sean Hannity Being Sued For Sexual Harassment BUT TAKING LEGAL ACTION.

by Pamela Williams OK…I am saying now that my theory is FOX NEWS is under attack by Liberal Globalists, who seek to manipulate the Mainstream News Media, as FOX is the only channel left who reports the truth.  I feel  before … Read more

BREAKING: SHOOTING INCIDENT IN PARIS – Reports of several casualties… At least two attackers… POLICE KILLED

SHOOTER KILLED, ‘SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE’ INVESTIGATED… Police officer killed in Champs Elysees shooting One suspect shot dead  At least one other suspect thought to be on the loose Central Paris in lockdown France under state of emergency At least two attackers … Read more

Relationship Between RUSSIA And UNITED STATES Approaches DANGER ZONE – Two Conflicting Reports – Someone IS LYING.

by Pamela Williams The US just released that the military and intelligence operatives had intercepted communications between the Syrian military and chemical experts discussing preparations for last weeks chemical-weapons attack in Syria.   OK…I am not making a judgment on this … Read more