Stunning Blow To Hillary/Obama Deep State GCHQ Coup: Attempted Poisoning/Murder Of Russian Double Agent Criminal Co-Conspirator Has Failed

Watch the latest video at Ex-Russian spy, daughter poisoned by nerve agent in ‘targeted’ act, British authorities say A former Russian spy and his daughter were poisoned by a nerve agent in a “targeted” act, British authorities revealed Wednesday. … Read more

REPORT: GOP strategist says Mueller already has a 2016 MOU between Trump and Russian interests regarding the election [video]

Republican strategist Mike Murphy on Monday made his contribution to “Russia speculation night,” telling NBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell an “international businessman” said special counsel Robert Mueller is looking into an agreement Donald Trump had with Russian interests during the 2016 campaign. … Read more

Mueller: So, unless this new Thai-jailed Russian hooker delivers, we're gonna have to fall-back on the UAE. NOT THE SAUDIS, MIND YOU…THE UAE!!! VERY IMPORTANT!

The UAE gave the CF somewhere in the realm of $1-5 million. Investigate that, homeboy. Even left wing Politifact admits the CF accepted a $1 million “birthday present” from the Qatar government for five minutes with Bill Clinton.   h/t GodKingHarambe