Unauthorized Disclosure Trump Holds Classified National Security Council Meeting — BOOM. The Details Leak Can’t Even Hold A Classified Meeting

As much of the national security establishment pushes back against President Donald Trump’s calls for a swift withdrawal from Syria, officials are again leaking details of the president’s classified meetings to the media. The president recently stated that the U.S. … Read more

Trump Administration Blocks Biggest Tech Merger In History; Says “Necessary To Protect National Security”

by Dylan Scott, NEE Trump Administration Preemptively Blocks $177 Billion Qualcomm-Broadcom Deal The Trump administration has blocked the biggest tech deal in history earlier this week. The proposed deal would see Broadcom acquiring Qualcomm for a whopping $117 billion. In the unprecedented move … Read more

Will Your Driver’s License Soon Become Invalid as ID? The "REAL ID" Act goes into effect October 1, 2020. The most threatening aspect of the REAL ID initiative is that it’s a security and privacy nightmare.

Drivers licensing is not about qualifying to operate a motor vehicle, it has become a database and tracking program for the federal government. The requirements for the states to issue drivers licences are being dictated by the Department of Homeland … Read more