SOROS MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEZOS. FITTON WITH TUCKER CARLSON: State Department and USAID is partnering with Soros and basically allowing Soros to set our foreign policy agenda

by TFittonJW Here is the interview from last night: And Judicial Watch announcement of our Soros finds:

JUDICIAL WATCH EXPOSES SOROS. FITTON:The Obama admin spent at least $9 million in tax dollars in direct collusion with left-wing billionaire Soros to back a socialist gov in Albania.

by TFittonJW Particularly outrageous that State allowed the Soros operation to help direct taxpayer funds to other groups. JW smashed through the State Department’s stone wall: Here’s some more background: Watchdog reveals Obama administration provided $9 million to George … Read more

THE SPECIAL COUNSEL DISTRACTION: Plus Netflix-Obama cronyism plus plus 2 new Soros suits. Mega-Update from Judicial Watch’s FITTON

by TFittonJW This is a BIG update from Judicial Watch: Background on Soros suits– And our voting integrity gerrymandering battles: