Sci-fi sound wave device makes Star Trek style tractor beams out of powerful mini-tornadoes that can manipulate large objects

by: David Williams (Natural News) It seems like every day you see, hear, or read about something that’s being created or invented concerning all sorts of popular science fiction technology, but a fully-working tractor beam was never among them — … Read more

The Watergate Style Break-In That Covered Up Shocking Wave Of Clinton State Department Scandals

by Disobedient Media In 2013, it was first reported that the Clinton State Department had called off eight separate internal investigations into alleged misconduct by the diplomatic corps. When whistleblowers attempted to highlight the wave of coverups, they were subjected to … Read more

James O'Keefe Tells Sean Hannity About 'Wikileaks Style' Dump On Network News( Releases in 48 Hours)

When O’keefe releases the hundreds of hours of CNN off-air recordings, we will see who the real liars, racists, xenophobics, islamophobics are. O’Keefe was interviewed on Sean Hannity’s radio show where he revealed that a major network has been “stung”. … Read more