Unhinged Democrats now fixated on President Trump’s body weight, but they never cared about Obama’s counterfeit birth certificate

by: Ethan Huff (Natural News) Left-wing propaganda outlets like CNN just can’t get over the fact that President Donald Trump is actually pretty darn healthy for a 71-year-old man and doesn’t have dementia as they had clearly hoped. So they’ve now taken … Read more

RUSH: Today Marks 6 Months Of An Unhinged Media Conducting A 'FULL-SCALE COUP ATTEMPT' Against Trump

youtu.be/UQxHp0kgQFU RUSH: Mueller Investigation ‘MOST MASSIVE OPPOSITION RESEARCH OPERATION EVER’ In American Politics youtu.be/W1SBj3AooT8 Top Dems Slow Rolling Ethics Probe to Delay Investigation Into Obama Leaks FBI turns over 7,000 documents from Weiner laptop in Clinton-tied case