HUGE Update: Kavanaugh, Clinton-Weiner laptop, Clinton, Benghazi truth, Strzok, Spartacus, Hurricane Lies.

by TFittonJW This is a massive update from Judicial Watch: Background. Cory Booker Complaint: New lawsuit on Clinton-Weiner scandal: More Weiner laptop cover-up docs just uncovered: This is the release … Read more

FITTON:GINORMOUS Update–here were no court hearings on key FISA warrants targeting Trump, Clinton emails hacked and DoJ/FBI do nothing, Deep State whistlebower files big lawsuit, and “glitch” on Ohr-DOJ email searches!

by TFittonJW Judicial Watch is crushing it. Here is the latest JW Update: FISA Court background.  

PragerU UPDATE: “Facebook has confirmed to us that an employee on the content review team was responsible for making the decision to remove two of our posts as “hate speech” and that this employee is still employed by FB.”

Wonder how many of the censors in Silicon Valley are foreigners hired via H1B visas. Sounds like there could be foreigners meddling in our elections… DB

GREAT UPDATE: FBI finally coughing up Strzok-Page emails!

by TFittonJW Big Judicial Watch update: Some background: New Strzok-Page docs: Obama border disaster docs: Our reaction to Kavanaugh: We now have podcast of Updates available!