GREAT UPDATE: FBI finally coughing up Strzok-Page emails!

by TFittonJW Big Judicial Watch update: Some background: New Strzok-Page docs: Obama border disaster docs: Our reaction to Kavanaugh: We now have podcast of Updates available!

FITTON: HUGE Judicial Watch Update: New Strzok FBI Docs on Clinton Email Scandal/Cover-Up, JW Fed Court Battle Update, President Trump Pardon Power, and IG Report Developments!

by TFittonJW Here is latest Judicial Watch update: Some background:

Tommy Robinson Disappearance makes the Drudge Report…..UPDATE: NOW TOP STORY Activist Tommy Robinson Arrested Outside UK Court… Jailed For 13 Months… Judge Orders Media Blackout…‘   UFS

BIG-Judicial Watch Update: Exclusive Details on 13,000 Page-Strzok Docs, Obama Spy Game Against Trump, and NEW Podesta Docs Show Mueller Hypocrisy.

by TFittonJW This is quite the Update from your friendly neighborhood Judicial Watch: You can review the new Podesta Group Docs here: