What Is Really Going On? Will The Left-Wing Group “Refuse Fascism” And/Or Antifa Protest Against President Trump On November 4, 2017? Snopes Says, “No.” Right Or Wrong?

by Ruby Henley Below is the documentation I have gathered to prove the November 4 protests by “Refuse Fascism”are being planned for November 4, 2017 in the following cities:   Atlanta Austin Boston Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Falmouth, MA Honolulu Indianapolis … Read more

Here Is The Absolute Mathematical Proof There Were Two Shooters At The Las Vegas Massacre – No Pics Of Paddock – Is It Wrong To Ask Questions?

by Ruby Henley I admit I was never very good at mathematics in school, but I do understand the meaning of the following video, and if I do, then surely Professional Investigators do, too.  So ask yourself why they have … Read more

Investors Simply Cannot Get Any More Bullish! Both The “Smart” Money And The “Dumb” Money Are Now 100% Confident That Nothing Can Go Wrong

According to the latest readings on Yale’s one-year investor confidence indices (so, percentage of respondents who think stocks will be higher a year from now), both the “smart” money and the “dumb” money are now 100% confident that nothing can go wrong … Read more

I Am Laying A Blanket Of Prayer Over President Trump. Secret Service Vacates Trump Tower Command Post After Lease Dispute. McMaster Says Susan Rice Did Nothing Wrong. Congress Does Nothing And Leaves On Vacation.

by Pamela Williams I want to say never in a million years did I think I would ever see the United States treat our President in this disturbing way.  I am worried President Trump may not live through his Presidency.  I … Read more

Liberal leftists have a problem that puts them on the wrong side of every issue every time. Evan Sayet explained the phenomena 10 years ago.

It’s a mental issue stemming from leftists forbidding themselves from ever discriminating. This is one of the most interesting videos you will ever see on modern Liberalism. It’s been called the unified field theory of Liberalism. Enjoy: