YouTube cleansing 2016 election commentary and results videos as fast as possible

YouTube is purging dissenting berries from the 2016 election. Trying to rewire the historical narrative. Look at these queries: All the independent commentary and meltdown compilation videos that … Read more

Has anyone noticed the abundance of “Do It Yourself” Youtube channels with videos almost exclusively pushing you to “just buy it instead” and making every attempt at creating something look crappy and useless?

by UsingUsernamesIn2018 I’m not talking about “Can you make a car? No, Just buy one.” I’m talking about things that are easily made yourself and typically are better than bought, … Read more

Censorship continues: Youtube just shut down the h3h3productions podcast, gave them a strike, and revoked their ability to livestream just for talking about Alex Jones. 1984 is here. Youtube censors the H3 Podcast at the mention of Alex Jones. Update; youtube overturned the strike and apologized-   It still shows how shady they operate using censorship. Someone … Read more