Trey Gowdy EVISCERATES A Gun-Grabbing Democrat As She Stands Silent!

by Thinker
Trey Gowdy watching the backs of American gun owners and showing where gun control should be focused – NOT ON AMERICANS! Who should they focus on – Trey Gowdy informing the people of the dangers that are in their neighborhoods, cities, and states. Who isn’t American living on an overstayed visa in the U.S. with a gun?
Your government doesn’t know!
Why not?
To busy trying to lock down and take the freedom from the people? Actions are showing the faces of those who conspire to take away all your rights – who are they and what political positions are they in trying to get the job done?
Operation Northwoods?
Illegal immigrants allowed to stay in return for favors? Terrorists? Protesters? Crisis Actors?
Who didn’t want to come and be questioned that wasn’t a man? What man would let a woman take his place when things aren’t right? – Coward!
Who lives in your city and illegally carries a gun? – The trillions of dollars spent to protect Americans proven to be complete failure, so where is all the money going?
2014 – Three Illegals On ‘Terrorist Watch List’ Detained Crossing Border Into California! Three individuals ,attempting to enter California through Mexico illegally, are on the terrorist watch list.
2014 – U.S. Caught Training Terrorists Again – ISIS? All Terror groups? JFK changes would have prevented secret societies from changing the world and way of life for Americans. JFK dead for trying to protect American citizens from what history shows have done what is happening in the U.S. all over the world. Tax dollars for terrorists and a BushClinton/Obama family new world order?
Isn’t there a law against harboring a terrorist? Isn’t it crimes against humanity when a government goes against its own people? How many Native American Indians had to die for greed, power, and genocide for land, minerals, wealth? Terrorists get pay checks!


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