1 in 10 Japanese Adults in their 30s Remains a Virgin

The first national estimate of the virgin in Japan discovered an increasing rate of young adults with no history of heterosexual vaginal intercourse. After a comprehensive study of national fertility survey data, the University of Tokyo’s public health experts came to understand trends in sexual experience over the past three decades.

The leader of the research who is also an expert in epidemiology and public health, Dr. Peter Ueda, talked on the previous news reports about virginity rates among Japanese young adults as being sensationalist and only included people that are never married and there was nothing about distinguishing virginity rates by age group.

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With the recent analysis, there is an estimation of the whole Japanese population, more with a clear definition of the age and socioeconomic status of people that have never had heterosexual intercourse and compared trends over time.

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From 1992 to 2015, there is an increase of 21.7 percent to 24.6 percent of heterosexual inexperience in women aged 18 to 39. And it was between 20 percent to 25.8 percent for men. After breaking down the numbers to smaller ranges, there was also an observation of the trend towards increased virginity rates even among adults in their 30s.



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