1 of 14 inmates in Nevada are illegal aliens

by Dr. Eowyn

Washoe County in the state of Nevada provides “sanctuary” to illegal aliens.

Citing a Las Vegas Review-Journal article that requires a subscription to read, John Binder reports for Breitbart that a sizeable number of inmates in Nevada’s prison population — as many as 1-in-14 inmates — are illegal aliens:

  • The illegal-alien inmates number about 1,000.
  • About 200 of those illegal-alien inmates had previously been convicted of crimes in the U.S. but were never deported, or had committed crimes after reentering the country for at least a second time.
  • Nearly half of the illegal-alien inmates population were convicted of violent crimes against Americans, including:
    • 150 illegal aliens convicted of murder, manslaughter, or attempted murder.
    • 320 illegal aliens convicted of sexual assault, including 240 child sex offenders.


  • Those illegal-alien inmates cost Nevada’s taxpayers more than $21 million every year. The average cost to taxpayers to house an inmate in Nevada is about $22,000 a year, with the Department of Justice reimbursing only a small amount of the cost.
  • In 2017, the Justice Department — that is, American taxpayers — reimbursed local and state prisons across the U.S. almost $190 million to help offset the costs of incarcerating illegal aliens.
  • Criminal foreigners in federal prisons cost American taxpayers about $1.4 billion every year.

Between Fiscal Year 2011 and 2016, about 91% of all criminal illegal and legal immigrants in federal U.S. prisons were nationals from 5 Latin American countries: Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Colombia, and Guatemala.


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