10 NEW Signs Of China Imminent Economic Collapse & China’s Yuan CRASH!

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Will The China’s Economic Collapse Happen In 2019?
I have been warning for years that the greatest and final economic collapse in this century, would be China. Now that cracks in the great red dragon’s economy are widening, it’s time to prepare for the China’s Yuan crash and The Great Depression In China.

China has a unique, state-driven model of capitalism that clueless economists have hailed as the “new model for economic success.” But I say China’s yuan (and economy) will fail drastically, proving once and for all that government-planned economies do not work as well as free market capitalism balanced by democracy. Every indicator of economic health in China is down. On top of Apple’s slumping sales here, car sales have plunged for the first time in 20 years. Property sales, housing construction, foreign investment, December imports and exports are all slowing. And the job market has gotten a lot tougher.

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Chinese policymakers are struggling to turn around the rapidly weakening economy, the world’s second largest, with growth in 2018 at its lowest rate for 28 years. And the government, showing its alarm, has been censoring bad news about the imminent economic collapse for months.

A raft of bad financial data in recent weeks suggests the turnaround efforts so far have not worked, raising alarm about how bad things might get — especially if the trade war with the United States drags on. China’s economic woes, along with a worrying decline in European manufacturing, have sparked fears of a global economic collapse.

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There is no way this can end any way other than very, very badly. The question is: when will an economic collapse come? The answer is, sadly: sooner than you’d like.

I expect major problems in China likely by the summer or fall.
When the economic collapse and china’s yuan crash will occur, there won’t be an effective help from the U.S., Europe, or Japan, and it will shocking the whole world. It will make the U.S. financial crisis look like a Sunday afternoon picnic.

Here are the ten signs the end is near…



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