10,000 doctors file lawsuit against who and Davos group

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Using coercion to engage in experimental biology is strictly prohibited under The Nuremberg Code which was established after the heinous experiments that was state sanctioned democide by the authoritarian Nazi regime as crimes against humanity which were done in camps such as Auschwitz under the direction and supervision of Dr. Josef Mengele.
What is shocking to the core of the COVID fauxdemic is how faulty data and fraudulent use of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing is being misinterpreted by scientists and doctors who seem duly unaware of the terms, conditions and limitations of this test for which Cary Mullis won the 1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for it’s discovery.
I, personally, was fortunate to meet Dr. Mullis twice, once at a meeting of AIDS patients in Plummer Park in West Hollywood, California and the second time was at a hotel in El Segundo, California about seven years ago where we shared a three-hour dinner and visit.
Cary told me that if he were to pull out a pistol and shoot straight over his head and wait for the bullet to come down, strike his body and kill him, this would be more likely than PCR to test for a virus which it cannot do.
True shame he died in August 2019 just prior to the games beginning in Wuhan weeks later.
Cary Mullis was one of the most outspoken critics of the sloppiness in his own profession of science and had little use for those who sold themselves out as prostitutes for simply a big payday.
Cary died from pneumonia one of the top causes of death in elderly patients and I find it quite ironic that the number of cases of pneumonia has dropped by more than 97% since the beginning of COVID.
So let me get this straight COVID-19 is a nemesis pathogen that has virtually replaced both pneumonia and infliuenza.  Now how does that dog hunt?
Folks, I have been repeating this since March 2020.  This is a deception and fraud that has all the components of scientific and medical malpractice the likes never seen to this degree.
It bears repeating that COV-Sars-II called COVID-19 has not been isolated in a symptomatic patient.
It has been sequenced but that has little to nothing to do with a sick patient.
There have been no autopsies/pathology reports be order of the CDC and as such there is not an analysis of cause of death.
PCR does not test for a virus.

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