15 year old heir to Rothschild and Goldsmith fortunes dies in farm accident

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via dailymail:

  • Iris Annabel Goldsmith was killed in the crash at the family’s home in Somerset   
  • Ambulance crews were called to the village of North Brewham on Monday
  • Teenager was heir to two of Britain’s, and the world’s, most powerful dynasties, the Goldsmith and Rothschild families
  • She was one of three children from the marriage of environmentalist Ben Goldsmith and his society former wife, Kate Rothschild
  • She was described by neighbours as ‘beautiful, charming and intelligent’ 
  • The tragic girl’s uncle is Tory MP Zac Goldsmith and her aunt is Jemima Khan  

Ben Goldsmith and his wife have been left ‘devastated’ by the death of their ‘beautiful, charming, intelligent’ teenage daughter in a ‘quad bike’ accident on the family farm.

Ambulance crews were called to the Goldsmiths’ home in the Somerset village of North Brewham on Monday afternoon after the millionaire financier’s eldest daughter Iris Annabel, 15, was involved in a crash.

Locals in the quiet village told of their shock as the high-profile family comes to terms with the teenager’s death, who is the daughter of heiress Kate Rothschild.

A family friend told the Mail: ‘This is the most awful accident. Iris was a complete firecracker – an absolute delight. Everyone in the family loved her to bits.

‘She was beautiful, charming, intelligent, wonderful company and absolutely the loveliest person you could meet.

‘Ben and Kate are completely devastated. They are numbed to their core and united in their grief.

‘Iris captured the charm of Ben and the sense of Bohemian charisma of Kate. All the family are rallying round Ben and Kate.’






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