1929 Vs Now: Are We Headed For The Greatest Depression? with Mike Maloney

by Mike Maloney

“What’s coming will be the weirdest, most twisted thing you’ve ever seen, something that will be very hard to predict—so the more educated you are on history the better chance you’ll have at surviving it.”

This sobering quote from Mike Maloney highlights why he devotes his new video to the Great Depression… because it can offer valuable insights into what could be ahead for us today.

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When Mike wrote his bestselling book Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver, he studied many sources about the Great Depression, but he relied mostly on three books to get a broad view of what happened. Mike will share those books with you… but as he says, he ended up doing so much research that two-thirds of what he’d written about the Great Depression had to be cut!

Sit back and enjoy Mike reading some excerpts of what was cut from his book, along with some photos and other quotes from that painful era. Listen to how they sound oh-so-familiar to what is happening today.

The future may be unknown, but the more you study history the more you can be prepared for whatever may come. Tune in to watch Mike talk about the lessons he learned from studying one of the most painful economic periods in US history.


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