20 Inspectors Dissent From Syria Chemical Attack Narrative: It’s like waking up from a long nightmare that almost led to WWIII

by axolotl_peyotl

Remember when the Mockingbird Media called Trump “presidential” when he bombed a sovereign nation without Congressional approval over a provable false flag attack?

Remember when the Democrats held him accountable and impeached him for undertaking military action illegally?

Oh wait, that’s right, both parties are bought and paid for by the genocidal military industrial complex.

Trump is the perfect useful idiot for these criminals. They have weaponized the “resistance” to Trump to focus on the stupidest of issues (Russia/Ukraine) and meanwhile Trump’s actual crimes against humanity go unchallenged.

New WikiLeaks Bombshell: 20 Inspectors Dissent From Syria Chemical Attack Narrative

Late Saturday WikiLeaks released more documents which contradict the US narrative on Assad’s use of chemical weapons, specifically related to the April 7, 2018 Douma incident, which resulted in a major US and allied tomahawk missile and air strike campaign on dozens of targets in Damascus.

The leaked documents, including internal emails of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) — which investigated the Douma site — reveal mass dissent within the UN-authorized chemical weapons watchdog organization’s ranks over conclusions previously reached by the international body which pointed to Syrian government culpability. It’s part of a growing avalanche of dissent memos and documents casting the West’s push for war in Syria in doubt (which had resulted in two major US and allied attacks on Syria).

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This newly released batch, WikiLeaks reports, includes a memo stating 20 inspectors feel that the officially released version of the OPCW’s report on Douma “did not reflect the views of the team members that deployed to [Syria]”. This comes amid widespread allegations US officials brought immense pressure to bear on the organization.

The Daily Mail’s Peter Hitchens, who saw the leaked documents just prior to WikiLeaks going public with them had this to say:

Sources stress that the scientists involved are ‘non-political, utterly uninterested in any strategic implications of what they reveal’.

They just ‘feel that the OPCW has a duty to be true to its own science, and not to be influenced by political considerations as they fear it has been’.

An internal memo seen by The Mail on Sunday suggests that as many 20 OPCW staff have expressed private doubts about the suppression of information or the manipulation of evidence.

This suppression of information included key evidence which undermined claims Syrian military helicopters dropped a gas cylinder from the air, which had long been the linchpin in Washington’s accusation that “Assad gassed his own people” at Douma.

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OPCW Douma Docs


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