20 Years of US Involvement in Afghanistan-A Short Story

by Chris Black

In 407 AD, Roman legions were withdrawn from Britannia to defend Rome. Despite this, Rome was sacked 410. 

The United States is also a crumbling empire: Senile President, ethnic hatred towards the people who founded America, celebration of perversion, collapse of rule of law.

1996: Taliban take power in Afghanistan. They immediately criminalize bacha bazi (sodomite pedophilia) on pain of death, ban Hollywood propaganda, ban women from working all jobs outside of healthcare.

2000: Taliban criminalize drug trafficking and opium cultivation, successfully eradicating 99% of opium production by 2001 — 75% of the total global supply.

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2001: The US invades Afghanistan. They immediately decriminalize opium production and sodomite pedophilia (punishing those who oppose it), and begin teaching Afghan women about feminism and gender studies.

None of the footage coming out of Afghanistan will be used to shame the ruling class, and nobody will even lose their jobs over it.

Instead, it will be used to shame you into accepting more waves of refugees so the same people can profit even more off the misery they engineer.

Very, very bad optics for an empire in aggressive decline:


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