2008 financial crash was a corporate take-over of the government.

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Pretty simple. The corporations held the government to ransom and the government paid up (bank bail outs)
then look at the paradigm shift that happened in technology; games consoles became spy-networks for the alphabet agencies. The internet was taken over while we worried about making ends meet, propaganda seeped into the news, blaming immigrants to keep our minds off of the bullshit going down.
I know this is a lazy post, but trust me, look into 2008 and ignore the financial side of it and you will see a very scarey rabbit hole.
remember the sinking of the lucitania to kick start ww1? or pearl harbour to get america into ww2? or the gulf of tonkein (sp?) incident to get america into vietnam? or WMDS and 9/11 to get america into the middle east?
Yeah? Well, we were warned over a decade ago that the internet would be the next battleground for nations around the world. Well, who owns the internet? America. How did they own it? they made the move during the 2008 financial crash.
Your whole virtual reality experience is just one very large, very long advertisement.
the internet was taken over during the financial crash of 2008. Governments handed over power (for the first time) to coroporations (what i mean is that the balance of power tipped in the favour of corporations. Now they own the majority of power). Tech stopped increasing in power (look at the advancements of tech between 1995 and 200 or 200 and 2005 then look at tech between 2005 and 2010 or 2010 to 2015. There was also a huge push in connectivity for gaming, using kinect as a spy device and pushing online gaming like never before.
Do your own research and tell me if i’m talking shit.
h/t marywasalizard

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