2016 US Household Total Net Worth (by Age and Percentile)

by SSuke

You can use this chart to determine where you stand in terms of wealth compared to others in the US. (Should be a bit more useful than comparing only 401K accounts.)

Age (head) Average Wealth 99% (2013) 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% (Median) 40% 30% 20% 10%
All $10374K $1182K $499K $280K $170K $97K $49K $19K $5K $-1K
18-24 $94K $388K $66K $23K $13K $9K $4K $1K $0K $-6K $-21K
25-29 $40K $594K $106K $59K $34K $16K $9K $4K $0K $-10K $-34K
30-34 $95K $1373K $256K $140K $82K $55K $30K $15K $5K $0K $-23K
35-39 $258K $2814K $365K $210K $108K $71K $40K $20K $10K $1K $-8K
40-44 $317K $7282K $690K $370K $212K $135K $89K $46K $16K $4K $-5K
45-49 $599K $5216K $1140K $562K $293K $182K $105K $57K $23K $8K $-1K
50-54 $839K $7222K $1166K $561K $344K $224K $144K $89K $38K $9K $0K
55-59 $1150K $10814K $2243K $854K $420K $274K $174K $101K $42K $11K $0K
60-64 $1180K $1958K $1001K $540K $362K $226K $130K $77K $24K $4K
65+ $1070K $2008K $928K $539K $361K $241K $163K $94K $39K $6K​
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The net worth includes all accounts (savings, investments, equity in the primary home, debt, etc)

Data was compiled from the 2016 US Federal Bank Reserve’s SCF via: