2017: 50 senators who voted to violate your privacy.

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by i-like-glitter-a-lot

Never forget when a VPN provider bought a full page ad in The NY Times calling out 50 senators who voted to monitor our internet activity. from nextfuckinglevel

It’s from 2017, they are trying to renew it though and would you look at that, it passed 80-16, iirc 14 Dems and 2 Rep votes against it, so it passed with bipartisan support in the senate and was sent back to the house with amendments, now waiting resolution. Plus the provision to ban warrantless spying on your web browsing history failed by just one vote. So yeah during this 2017 bill it really didn’t have any Dem support but now it does, what good does taking control of the house if the Dems and speaker will just pass this stuff anyway lmao.


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