Everything Bubble – Margin Debt/ US Non-Financial Debt Record High, Profit Expectations Tumble, Economic Pessimism Surges

Last night one of the “morals of the story” of a thread we posted was “Don’t miss the forest for the trees.” The chart below is a view of “the forest”, in its full glory.

Cht originally via ISI Evercore, additional annotation by FFTT. #TreeRings

you probably shouldn’t look at this chart


Wall Street Profit Expectations Tumble As Economic Pessimism Surges

More than two generations of investors have only seen massive monetary stimuli. Now, markets are adding more risk (graph 1) while Fed moderately normalises (graph 2) in the hope that Fed will not do what it has to do. Extremely concerning. www.dlacalle.com/en/risk-off-no