2018, The Year of A.I. and The 4th INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION will this be our demise?

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The NEW AGE OF A.I. is here…….
Who better to usher this in than the occult ritualistic ceremony none other than
Burning Man just released their 2018 theme and you won’t guess what it is

BURNING)(MAN theme for 2018 is: I,ROBOT
I bet Sophia will be in attendance too……

This video is surmised below, along with my comments added in.
GOOGLE Founders Picks their new CEO by taking them to BURNING)(MAN, this new age ritualistic event of desolation. (link below)
Here is what they say about this next years theme
The article in this video is posted on Burning)(Man
This year’s art theme will focus on the many forms of artificial intelligence that permeate our lives; from the humble algorithm and its subroutines that sift us, sort us and surveil us, to automated forms of labor that supplant us. Are we entering a Golden Age that frees us all from mindless labor? Everything, it seems, depends on HMI, the Human-Machine Interface. In a world increasingly controlled by smart machines, who will be master and who will be the slave?
They continue…
And yet, if we turn the telescope around and regard the capacity of robots to process information and draw conclusions from almost unlimited databases, it becomes possible to imagine a solipsistic world in which most of our friends or even all of our friends will be robots: we would be surrounded by a slave labor force. Having out-sourced our minds, we might choose to out-source our selves. Who doesn’t want a friend who mirrors one’s own opinion of one’s self? Already it appears we may be moving in this direction. Consumerism makes us crave convenience and seek instant gratification, pointing toward an automated future shorn of human contact.
The allure of immortality and god-like powers is as old as god. The Greeks, who more or less invented humanism, had a word for this; they called it hubris, making it the basis of all tragedy. This enduring fantasy is lately clothed in cyber-togs. It is said that computational power is increasing exponentially, much like the singularity that created the universe, and charts and numbers are employed to predict the point in time at which this supra-intelligence will take over.
This is a millenarian idea, sometimes called the Rapture of the Techies, and like all such schemes, it is essentially a religious concept now dressed in the trappings of science. In this scenario, the future rule of one vast integrated Robot will exceed all human comprehension. This notion also contains an ingenious escape clause, a sort of intellectual insurance policy.
When pressed to pinpoint exactly when this event will occur, its acolytes reply that it may have already happened — …..
…..Burning Man has been pioneering the post-work world for decades. What would you do if you could do what you wanted? And not what you had to do to make a living? Reawakening those desires is a transformative experience;…
{end snip}
2018 seems to be dubbed “The Year of Robotics, As Even the Olympics this year, Robots will introduced to replace humans jobs, like security.
Hanson’s Robotics has introduced the first Robot, Sophia, who was recently granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia, who continues to call for more rights for humanoid-like-rights.
The 4th INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, is the planned downfall, using artificial Intelligence, other technology, where Robots will replace humans, steal jobs and people will be given a Universal Basic Income, under the ruling class of a few elites…
This scheme has been planned for decades, discussed openly by the United Nations, Tech Giants, and other world organizations like the World Economic Forum, just to name a few….
The roll-out of self driving cars (AI), Smart grids, Smart Refrigerators, Technology is poised to rule over humans as the technology, still in it’s infancy, will make the last 100 years of progress look like a pre packaged childs toy in a box of Cracker Jacks.
Their warnings shall not be taken lightly,
Burning Man is just another way for The Committee Called They, to indoctrinate the people into wanting and accepting this future, Their “New Age”
Credit for this goes to YouTuber, Christian Journal for sharing this video and most of the narrative (My comments added in).
You won’t believe how Google picked their CEO

What do you want your future to look like?
one surrounded by AI an technology?
……..More to come,
But I now open this up for discussion
Further evidence of the 4th Industrial Revolution; A.I.
Google Artificial Intelligence Created it’s Own ‘Offspring’ Paving Way For ‘Computer-Born Entities’
Artificial Intelligence in the ‘world of tech’ is the next big thing, but that world is bridging with ours. Computer scientists at Google have developed a form of AI which is creating its own ‘children.’
AI is being sold as a technology that, once fully developed, can aid humanity in our endeavors, but the conglomerates are in fact developing tools that can replace, wholesale, the need for a human workforce.

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