2018 Voter Data Reveals DNC Downfall Will Be Over Immigration – New YouGov Poll Most Americans think ‘It’s Making American Life WORSE’

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The majority of likely voters in 2018 midterm swing districts across the United States say immigration to the U.S. has made American life worse, a new poll reveals.

In the latest CBS News/YouGov Poll, which surveyed likely voters in 2018 midterm battleground districts, Americans by a majority say overall immigration to the country is making their life worse off.

About 56 percent of likely voters said immigration is making their area “worse” while only 17 percent say their area has been made “better” because of immigration.

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Nearly 60 percent of male likely voters and 53 percent of female likely voters in the swing districts say immigration is having a negative impact on life in America.

Most want every single one deported!

Every race, age, and sex believe immigration has had a more negative impact on their community than positive.

Whites: 58% neg./ 15% pos.
Blacks: 45% neg./ 17% pos
Hispanics: 44% neg./ 28% pos
Other: 51% neg/ 21% pos

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The poll comes as the Republican establishment and their donors have refused to take up the issue of reducing immigration to the U.S., despite mass legal immigration being vastly unpopular with Americans.


As a wonderful side note tonight on Laura Ingraham’s show

Mitch McConnell said there are no Immigration bills that

will be taken up by the senate this year.

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