2022’s first heat-wave begins today at mid-Spring – as many as 120 records could be tied or broken over ~8 days of suffocating heat

Here comes another record-setting summer.
Best mentally prepare oneself for the inevitable now!

As many as 120 record high temperatures across parts of at least 13 states are forecast to be tied or broken from Friday through Tuesday, with heat indices — combining temperature and humidity to forecast what it will feel like — nearing 110 degrees for some.


Next week’s hot forecast – not pretty folks! Dog days of summer are here for some.

Forecasted Heat Index Maps

Monday May 9 – 110-115 in south Texas – Hot Tamales

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Tuesday May 10 – 95-100 almost to Chicago

Wednesday May 11

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Thursday May 12

Friday May 13

That’s a full 8 days starting today. Will the Texas grid hold??


Maps are interactive


120 high temperature records are forecasted over 5 days from today through Tuesday but there are at least 3 more days to the 13th of oppressive high heat index’s to be experienced by millions in the deep south as indicated by forecast maps above.

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