2024: Trump already tops Biden 4-1 in betting markets.

2024: Trump already tops Biden 4-1 in betting markets.

Gamblers will bet on anything, and even though the 2020 election hasn’t been officially certified, they are already turning to the 2024 race, and the signs are clear that many expect President Trump to make another bid.

Betting markets watched by OddsChecker show the president far ahead of Joe Biden.

“Since 4th November, activity on the market has been steadily increasing and a huge share of those bets have gone in favor of the 45th president to return as the 47th president,” said the analysis from the London-based site.

The latest breakdown shows that 45.8% of all the wagers placed have been on Trump, making him the most popular bet by far. Biden accounts for just 11.13%, and he’s trailing Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, in second at 12.96%.


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