23.3 million position in AAPL 300 calls expiring 14 days how to profit from this insider move

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by optionseller

It is clear that some institution opened a 23.3 million position in AAPL calls this Friday, expiring in 14 days. The 300 strike call dwarfs ATM calls volume 5:1. This is beyond autistic scale. Some serious money at work

AAPL option volume on Jan 24

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On Jan 2, a similar case happened to TSLA. Some big money opened 12377 calls in TSLA expiring on Jan 17, The call cost 1.33 on Jan 2, when TSLA was retarding at mid 420s. By expiration, TSLA mooned to mid 510s, the call exploded to 16 each piece. That’s 17 million in profit 12-bagger.

TSLA option volume on Jan 2



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