$2300 Annual Coffee Addiction

via CNBC:

Like most people my age, I don’t have $17,000 in a savings account. I’m still paying student loans, my credit-card balance isn’t quite zero, and other mandatory expenses can eat away at my income.

Would I take the opportunity to make that kind of money if given a chance? Of course. As long as it didn’t require something silly like giving up my daily cup of coffee at Starbucks.

I tracked my spending in 2018 to see how much I’d save if I cut back on my caffeine habit, and how much I could earn if I invested the money instead. Here’s what I found.

The numbers

My regular order, a grande chai tea latte with a shot of blonde espresso, costs $6.04, with tax. That’s $6.04 Monday through Friday, or $30.20 for the week. And $30.20 times 52 weeks in a year is $1,570.40.

But that’s not exactly everything. I’ll get a warm butter croissant, for $2.75, at least three times a week. Plus, another “grande chai tea …” once a weekend before errands. The croissants cost me a total of $429 a year. The extra coffee once per weekend comes to $314.08.

Grand total: $2,313.48 in 365 days.

Experts may think I have a problem.


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