2/4/2015 — Earthquake Forecast — West coast AND East coast watch

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Excessive movement showing along the edge of the craton, manifesting multiple 4.0M+ events at the fracking ops in Oklahoma, multiple 3.0M+ events at the Texas, and Colorado fracking operations, movement at the dormant volcanoes located at the border of NM/AZ, Salton Sea California, Central California at Crater Mountain, NW Nevada at the dormant volcanic buttes, and Yellowstone magma chamber.
See my full recent website post covering the volcanic and fracking movement here:

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5 thoughts on “2/4/2015 — Earthquake Forecast — West coast AND East coast watch

  1. Wow! when I read these headlines, it brings back the bad old days of Pravda and Isvestia. So now we have an “Investment Watch” newsletter predicting earthquakes, and trying to start a run on banks? Gotta give Putin one thing – he knows there are lots of nitwits in the USA.

  2. YOU GUYS can WARN them,it don’t mean their smart enough to listen,AS a matter of fact, they aren’t,so be stocking up on FOOD WATER,AND ALL THE AMMO you can lay your hands on,YOUR going to have to fight these morons when it all crashes,AND THIS won’t end well,and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out………

  3. Had a dream last night that a building collapsed in Irving TX and I got hit in the head with something. I was able to get out and told others to get out but they refused because they wanted to get rescued and wanted to get paid. The building was a high rise building.

  4. It is amazing men that have blinders before their eyes and they can’t see what is coming. It is like putting a puzzle together and the picture becomes so much clearer. Men we are up to our necks with what is coming. You won’t get a second chance to be ready. It could come over night. Then what are you going to do. When the hammer drops, you better be ready. By the way I’m 67yrs old and I’m been seeing this coming that long. it is creeping up on us inch by inch. Then you will get the snake bit in your rear.!!!

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