25,000 Lined Up For Food! Great Depression 2.0! Are You Ready For It? – Must Watch

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This is sad. This is why I never complain. My life isn’t close to this bad. Be thankful for what you have people.

That was just the people who could get there.Many more don’t have cars or gasoline . They may be looking at homelessness.

We are going down a long road to hard times and harder times. May God be with us through this trial!

And people are still bickering about the election/selection, Biden cannot or will stop this. Worldwide decades of precise planning!!!

Anyone out here still wondering IF the country is in a recession if here to let you know that we are already in a depression…we’re past recession status. Don’t wait for the economists to make that declaration because they’re scared to speak up now because of present leadership. Please prepare.

I’d say… the S**t has hit the fan. Just a fact and being real. Just retired 2 years ago , due to poor health… this is not the world I hoped for.




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