3 Examples That Show How Common Core Is Destroying Math Education In America

By Michael Snyder
Whenever you let federal bureaucrats get their hands on anything they are probably going to ruin it.  During the Obama administration, the Department of Education spearheaded a transformation of American education that was absolutely breathtaking.  Over a period of about five years, Common Core standards were implemented in almost every state in the entire nation.  Unfortunately, this has resulted in a huge step backward for public education in this country.  Common Core has been called “state-sponsored child abuse”, and it is a big reason why U.S. students are scoring so poorly on standardized tests compared to much of the rest of the world.
According to Wikipedia, at one point 46 states had adopted Common Core, but now some states are having second thoughts…

46 states initially adopted the Common Core State Standards, although implementation has not been uniform. At least 12 states have introduced legislation to repeal the standards outright,[1] and Indiana has since withdrawn from the standards.

Sadly, many parents don’t even understand how dramatically our system of education has been tampered with.  In her book entitled The Education Invasion: How Common Core Fights Parents for Control of American Kids, Joy Pullmann exposes how the Gates Foundation has been one of the key players in the effort to get Common Core introduced into classrooms all over America…

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Organized in seven chapters, her book describes how the Gates Foundation promoted and continues to promote one extremely wealthy couple’s uninformed, unsupported, and unsupportable ideas on education for other people’s children while their own children are enrolled in a non-Common Cored private school. It explains how (but not exactly why) the Gates Foundation helped to centralize control of public education in the U.S. Department of Education. It also explains why parents, teachers, local school boards, and state legislators were the last to learn how the public schools their local and state taxes supported had been nationalized without Congressional knowledge or permission; and why they were expected to believe that their local public schools were now accountable for what and how they teach … not to the local and state taxpayers who fund them or to locally-elected school boards that by law are still supposed to set education policies not already determined by their state legislature … but to a distant bureaucracy in exchange for money to their state department of education to close “achievement gaps” between unspecified groups.

But this isn’t just an issue about control.  The truth is that the approach to teaching basic fundamentals such as how to add and how to subtract is fundamentally different under Common Core.
Let me share just three examples that show how much Common Core is changing the way that U.S. students learn math.  All of these examples have been floating around Facebook, and if you have never seen these before they are likely to make you quite angry.
If I asked you to subtract 12 from 32, how would you do it?  Well, the “new way” is much, much more complicated than how we were all taught to do it…

If that first one seemed bizarre to you, than you really aren’t going to like this one…

And this last one was so confusing that a parent with a degree in engineering decided to include his own commentary on his child’s homework…

How are kids supposed to function in the real world if this is how they are learning to do basic math?
Personally, I am going to teach my daughter that 9 + 6 equals 15.  But that isn’t how it is supposed to be done under Common Core.  You can watch a video of a teacher explaining the very convoluted Common Core way to solve that math equation right here.
And of course it isn’t just math that is the problem.  Common Core is systematically “dumbing down” our young people, and that may help to explain why the average U.S. college freshman now reads at a seventh grade level.
So what is the answer?
The first step in fixing our education system is to repeal Common Core.  But even in red states such as Idaho there is a lot of resistance

Since their inception, the Idaho Core Standards have been enmeshed in controversy.
Some legislators and citizens have pushed for a repeal of the Idaho Core Standards, the state’s version of Common Core standards in math and English language arts. Those repeal efforts have gone nowhere in the Legislature.

I don’t know what is wrong with our legislators.  The Republicans have full control in this state, and so there is absolutely no excuse for not getting something done.
As I end this article, I want to give you an idea of just how far the quality of education in America has fallen over the past 100 years.  In Kentucky, an eighth grade exam from 1912 made a lot of headlines when it was donated to the Bullitt County History Museum.  As you can see, it is doubtful whether many of our college students would be able to pass such an exam today…



15 thoughts on “3 Examples That Show How Common Core Is Destroying Math Education In America”

    • What I can say is that made my head hurt. Long out of school, but I was in college level AP Calculus as a high school senior, so I have mathematics firmly grasped. That being said, I have no friggin clue how somebody came up with this crap, and how any child could possible figure out the logic behind the process of solving these equations

        • No disagreement here. That’s the purpose behind GMOs, geo-engineering, fluoridated water, toxic pharmaceuticals, insane vaccination schedules & LBGTQlksdfgkjdfgkdljng (homos can’t reproduce after all) brainwashing, to name a few problems. Just got done with the linked article. Unreal. So now, just like ‘Idocracy’ went from comedy to documentary (in record time no less), ‘1984’ went from cautionary story to frightening reality, and ditto for ‘Brave New World,’ now Fahrenheit 451 can be added to the ‘became all to true’ list.

          • No doubt we all need to organize while we have the use of the Internet. BLN is sort of like an old days “Bulletin Board” and we need to put our creative heads together and some up with a better way without using the Zionist “social media” sites that offer only trolls and disrupters as well as tracking.
            Perhaps all getting dummy email addies to use for an initial step of getting off of BLN, Disqus and other leaky communication sources??
            Those of us who understand we are at war with sociopaths who want to take over humanity and are advancing at high clip must act.

          • Never got into the (anti) social media thing, but I am assuming through the context, BLN is a better version of sorts? As for the “Shrinking Language” episode, are you referring to the one with Jon Rappaport (greatest living, possibly all time, reporter/journalist) as a guest?

          • It was till recently a very good place to meet others and talk about real things in these comment boxes. Lately they have put some sort of auto flagging update into the mix and many of us are getting our comments put in “Pending” purgatory. Especially if you use words that link back to J3ws or IsrayHell, etc.
            Yes, Jon Rappaport. Quite a dude.

          • Well like all good things, the <> eventually get their grimey little money changing hands into it and ruin it.
            Actually just listen to that episode two days ago, and yes Rappaport is the F’n man. Just read his AIDS, Inc book recently. What an eye opener. And you can replace AIDS in that book with SARS, Zika, Swine Flu, regular flu, Ebola, or whatever else the CDC is fear porning at the moment, and you have the same exact story. If you haven’t read it, I highly, highly recommend it. Its available cheap on Amazon. Yea, yea, I know, Amazon is evil, but cheap is cheap if ya know what I mean.

          • I’ve heard him on Rense over the years a lot and read his web site. Not into reading books anymore after 50 years of social/political activism I am comfortable with the refresher stuff I get here. Take a listen to some of my songs on youtube about social conditions, etc.
            I was singing about public cameras invasion 40 years ago.

          • Consider me subscribed. And I hear ya on the reading. Don’t much, usually real life shit. Novels bore me for the most part.
            I was only out of the womb for ten months 40 years ago (haha), but I have been trying to tell friends and family of things that are known now, but were just theory for the past 15 years or so, maybe. And something tells me you know the response. Crickets & deer in headlight stares. Case in point, I was a huge fan of the show 24, never missed an episode. Having an IT education, something about all the surveillance & computer technology in the show for some reason seemed all true. So not even having heard the term ‘predictive programming’ yet, I was convinced that it was all 100% real, and tried to convey that to people. All I got was ‘that’s just a TV show, you’re crazy.’ Well, thanks to Snowden (probable CIA asset and psy-op IMO) we now know it is 100% true, and has been for awhile. Thankfully I was blessed with a mind that sees through BS, and have been since childhood. I guess some of us are fortunate to have ‘the gift.’

          • Well put Joel. Being a life long non TV watcher until last year’s gift of cable by my landlord I really have but little knowledge about being able to relate pop culture references to my life. Like when people ask who is one’s favorite Gilligan’s Island star sort of thing.
            The discovery of the medical examiner shows with all their gimmicks like CSI or NCIS or Bones was quite interesting and probably along a similar path that you took as I have had a lot of “education” in the healing arts so what was appealing to your IT brain the forensic exploration is to mine.
            As to “what is real” these days, the channeling I listened to 25 years ago by Barbra Marciniak and the Pleiadians was a foundation for these days. They suggested that they were not here to be “gurus” nor to “save” us as many would desire. They feel it is up to us to use “the gift” of our feeling center to ascertain reality in these days of magicians and sorcerers and outright lies and deception. So welcome to the jungle hey?
            You are very accurate about the “Crickets & deer in headlight stares” from those still under the spell of the illusionists and prestidigitators of the dark side, as in yin/yang not biblical evil. Using the modern techniques of mental manipulation of Freud, Skinner, Bernays, as well as the gifts of the tribal shaman and medicine men and women they cleverly get people to chose a parking place for their beliefs rather then using the four wheel drive available for further exploration.

  1. Dear Michael;
    The ANSWER lies in you question;
    How are kids supposed to function in the real world if this is how they are learning to do basic math?
    THEY AREN’T ‘supposed to function’. They’re being trained to be lost and hopeless, and look towards the government FOR EVERYTHING as ‘the parent’.
    Article the other day; “Young men now no longer want to work, but play video games all day”
    And the analogy I often use is the I-cannot-possibly-cross-the-street-on-a-green-light-unless-a-WALK-signal-tells-me-to.
    It’s hopeless. The country is only going downhill to a Totalitarian State.
    And 95% love it

  2. This dumbing down is not only found in basic math skills. A perusal of the various comment sections on the internet reveals the frightening illiteracy that pervades our world. What is worse, nobody but “grammar nazis” seem to care.

  3. The continuation of the Dumbing Down of America. And too many citizens are going along with it.
    They don’t want our children to actually learn. If they did learn, they would understand how corrupt our politicians really are.

  4. I believe that between a syringe in one hand killing people and the “common core” fiasco dumbing down and discouraging not only students but teachers, Billy Gates will go down in history as a first class pruck.


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