3 Ways to Use CRM Systems to Improve Customer Service

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Customer data is a precious resource for any business, but are you using it to its maximum potential? While data is at the heart of many business’ marketing and product development decisions, not every enterprise chooses to harness it to its fullest.


Customer service is one aspect of business that can benefit greatly from data-informed decisions. For example, CRM systems can integrate with your company’s virtual call center software in order to offer powerful customer service opportunities for your support agents. Here are three ways your business can use CRM systems to boost your customer service.


Improve agent productivity


One of the best ways to provide better customer service is to empower your staff to work smarter. Integrating your call center software with your CRM system does just that, boosting your agents’ productivity by giving them quick access to important customer information without having to switch windows.


In cloud-based call center software, all of the information your agents need is easily accessible, decreasing their frustrations as they go about work each day. Research shows that happier employees are also more productive, which has a direct correlation to customer satisfaction.


By giving your agents vital tools and functionality, you are setting them and your customers up for success. An empowered agent will provide a great customer experience time and again, so it’s always wise to invest in systems and integrations that improve their productivity.


Route customers based on value


Although every customer is valuable, the fact remains that some individuals are still worth more in the long run than others. To calculate customer value, look at how much profit each customer accounts for, estimate their loyalty, and then estimate how much it would cost you to attract a new customer.


Knowing what your customers are worth over the lifetime of your business can be a great way to grow your profits, and part of that involves catering to them appropriately in any and all customer service interactions. Once you’ve determined a customers’ value and marked it in their CRM record, you can have any requests from that person routed to your most experienced support agents, ensuring a positive interaction.


This maximizes the chances that you keep the customer by resolving their problems and meeting their needs the first time they reach out to you. 


Reference previous customer service interactions


Another powerful way to integrate your CRM data with your call center software involves using historical data to illustrate your competency.


For example, if a customer has reached out to your phone company about a charging issue with one of their peripherals before, you can apologize for the repeated need to reach out and thank them for being a loyal customer. You can also route customers to the same agents who have helped them in the past if they’re online and available.


This can offer them greater familiarity with your support team and also creates a feeling of building a true relationship. This small detail has much bigger repercussions when it comes to showing customers that you value their business and time. While it isn’t always necessary to do this, for some customers, this type of engagement helps customers see that they are appreciated and not just another number to your company. 


As you can see, integrating your call center software with your CRM database can be a powerful solution for increasing efficiency and productivity in your company’s customer service department. From streamlining the way that your agents work to offering more personalized attention to your customers, there are many reasons to use CRM systems in conjunction with your call center software.



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