30 Survival Skills Everyone Should Know Before The Imminent Economic Collapse

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The 2021 economic collapse has demonstrated its ability to wipe out supply chains, drive grocery store prices sky high, and cause massive shortages of everything. If it wasn’t that clear before, now we all can certainly see that our modern society is rapidly crumbling. Every single structure we rely on has proven to be incredibly vulnerable to external disruptions, and with global tensions rising by the day, we must be ready because dark times are coming for us. Corrupt governments are leading the world to the brink of financial ruin, and their reckless monetary policies have set the stage for a brutal economic collapse that has just begun.
At the same time, every link of our supply chains is breaking down, and global production continues to decline, widening the imbalance between supply and demand. So as global supplies get increasingly tighter and inflation pushes the price of everything to insane levels, people’s purchasing power has never been so compromised. Food prices are going through the roof, while housing and rent prices are making it harder for families to afford a roof over their heads. This is exactly the type of scenario that made empires fall apart and triggered widespread chaos in every corner of the planet.
Since our entire system is built like a house of cards, and several pieces have already fallen, it’s only a matter of time until we witness the end of the world as we know it. This is a chain reaction — and at this point, so much damage has been done that it would take a miracle to reverse this coordinated downfall. If you think our leaders are going to rescue us from the mess they created, you’ll be totally unprepared for what’s coming next. Many still don’t know that we’re headed to an era of food shortages, power cuts, bankruptcies, cyberattacks, and devastating geopolitical conflicts. For that reason, learning primitive skills is just as important now as they were 10,000 years ago.
The global economic and societal collapse is accelerating at an alarming pace, but the worst is yet to come. That’s why we must do whatever we can to survive the challenges that are fast approaching, so today we gathered 30 primitive skills you should learn before the total collapse of our modern civilization.
For example, one of the skills that changed life on Earth and led to the advance of humanity was knowing how to build a fire. Today, most people have become accustomed to having devices to help them do it effortlessly. Many people have never learned how to start a fire without lighter fluid and a lighter. However, being able to find and collect natural materials to build a fire from scratch is the number one prepper survival skill. It can definitely save lives during an emergency. There are many techniques you can learn, such as the fire bow or fire spindle. But it’s very important to practice first to prevent potential accidents.
Learning and practicing these skills will definitely be very handy to get through the challenging times ahead. We must protect ourselves while we still can, because those in positions of power will not be there to save us when things go south. There are many blogs that can guide you through your prepper journey. We would like to give a special shout-out to Ask A Prepper, whose writers always share prepping secrets, tips, and tricks that we all will need at some point. The world is changing must faster than most of us realize. And we should be paying very close attention to what happens next.


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