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via ghostofgbt:

What’s up everyone! I wanted to share an update to this site which I’ve been working on for the last few months cause it’s REALLY awesome and gives you a very cool way to navigate financial statements: in three dimensions!

I got this idea after stumbling across an awesome charting library called eCharts and I was in the process of making a new charting section of the site anyway so I decided to integrate it and see what it was like to visualize this data in 3D. Turns out it’s actually really awesome cause it’s like you can literally take a walk through the numbers and really get a sense of how big/small some are and what the trends and relationships look like.

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Anyway here are a few screenshots!

Apple annual income statement

Apple quarterly income statement

Apple, reduced to just major line items to get a sense of how they compare

“Standing” at the bottom of Apple’s quarterly balance sheet from 2008, looking up toward today

There are a couple known bugs and plenty of things I have left to implement, and this portion of the site is definitely only meant for larger screens (at least tablets I would say) but I really wanted to share cause I’ve been having so much fun messing w/ it!

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Controls are pretty simple:

  • click/drag to rotate
  • right click/drag to pan
  • scroll to zoom in/out
  • buttons at the very top are for reversing the x-axis, y-axis, and adjusting the width/height/depth of the chart “cube”
  • buttons in the chart window are for adding/removing various chart components and switching data around
  • legend items hide/unhide lineitems

You can use it free and there’s plenty of other stuff on the site to explore. Let me know if you have any feedback and what you like/don’t like and I’ll keep adding stuff!

Hope you all like it!


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