3rd World Immigration in 1st World Countries is a Little Bit More Complicated Than Cheap Labor for Big Business

by Chris Black

So-called “liberals” tend to overstate the case that our immigration problems are entirely caused by big business needing or wanting “cheap labor”.

If you look at big tech, big finance & big oil companies, their median salaries are over 100K.

Obviously, uneducated low-skilled Mexicans aren’t needed on Wall Street or Silicon Valley, and that also means SV and WS don’t feel threatened by them.

It’s really only two industries, fast food & agriculture, that employs these low-skilled immigrants because locals either don’t want those jobs (who would?) or there’s huge turnover because they move on to better things.

Big finance/tech may say it supports immigration but that’s due to ideological/virtue signaling reasons and not because they need these people to work for them.

The solution is just stopping the immigration which would force the companies to hire local.

Left wingers/Marxists think only in terms of economics, so they will ignore anything that doesn’t fit their theories.

Immigration is driven by many factors, it’s not simply “cheap labor” being brought in to help out the billionaires.

That is one factor (and that is not always even permanent immigration, but guest workers who return to their countries), but other major factors are ideological leftism and socialism.

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The welfarism in the West is also a major contributor to attracting migrants, who otherwise wouldn’t survive.

Migrants love the Nordic countries, the UK, and Germany because of all the free gibs they can receive there. Latino invaders tend to settle in the US states with the most welfare & gibs like California.

Government gibs are crucial for these immigrants, otherwise they would have an impossible time succeeding in a country where they don’t speak the language and have no real job skills, which is why you see a lot of these African invaders in Europe resorting to street hustles (drug dealing, prostitution etc.), while living mostly off free gibs.

Other big supporters of immigration are politicians on the ideological Left who support it for liberal “humanitarian” reasons or because they want more brown voters in the country to increase POC power and undermine Whites.

That’s a big factor if not the biggest factor for why these leftis politicians are supporting refugees, asylum seekers and general immigration of people “seeking a better life”.

The Jewish lobby supports it basically for that reason, to promote an egalitarian/open society which reduces the chances of anti-Semitism occurring.  This lobby was key to changing the quota system in the US, Canada & Australia that confined immigration to Europeans.

Also: big Christian churches & religious groups support immigration to get more Christians in the country to fill their pews (more people attending church, more donations), big unions support it so they have more “downtrodden workers” to fill up the unions & pay union dues (also for anti-White ideological reasons).

Big government has a general motive to support immigration because it needs more taxpaying cattle to fund its enormous budgets & politicians’ salaries. The government can only grow if there are more people to feed it.

Truth is there is a broad coalition of players who support mass immigration for different reasons.

Whittling it down entirely to “cheap labor for corporations” is a Marxoid trick to convince you that we must implement their miracle command economy to save ourselves.




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