4 Warning Signs in the November Jobs Report: ‘This Feels Like the Calm Before the Storm’…. America’s Hidden Depression

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4 Warning Signs in the November Jobs Report: ‘This Feels Like the Calm Before the Storm’

The U.S. economy added jobs in November and the unemployment rate fell. But trouble is brewing under the surface, according to economists.


Biden Warns the Economy Is Stalling After ‘Dire’ Jobs Report, Calls for ‘Urgent Action’ on Stimulus

Biden said Friday’s underwhelming jobs report foreshadows a “dark winter” that demands “urgent action” from Trump and Congress.


Southwest Airlines Notifies Nearly 7,000 Employees That They May Be Furloughed

Southwest Airlines, which has never laid off a worker in its 49-year history, notified 6,828 employees Thursday that they may be involuntarily furloughed next year.


Hospitality Industry Sees Job Growth Come to a Halt, With Little Hope Ahead

Signs of hope for workers in the hard-hit Hospitality field all but disappeared in November, and their prospects for getting re-hired grow bleaker by the month.


Restaurant Industry Loses Jobs for the First Time Since April as New Restrictions Hit Employment

Food and drinking places lost 17,400 jobs in November, and the industry has an unemployment rate of 13.8%.

America’s Hidden Depression

There is a recovery happening. But it’s helping some people immensely and others not at all. And it’s that second part that poses a massive risk to the Biden-Harris administration’s chance of success.


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