40% of Americans risk going ‘broke’ in retirement

From MarketWatch:

When it comes to money, people usually have a lot of regrets.

Some of the most common ones are spending when they should be saving, not looking for a less-expensive alternative when it might have taken only a few extra minutes and, unfortunately, not having saved enough money for retirement when it’s almost too late. Americans tend to wish they had saved more for their future — of the 1,000 401(k) plan participants Charles Schwab surveyed, 40% said saving for retirement was their greatest source of financial stress, but they blamed obstacles for keeping their savings low.

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Some of the financial challenges participants faced included: unexpected expenses and paying down credit card debt. About two-thirds of the participants said they wish they had saved more of the money they spent on the nonnecessities, such as dining out, expensive clothing, new cars and vacations. They did not, however, regret spending on a home, wedding or an education for themselves or children.

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