4th Graded suspended for having BB gun on desk during virtual learning

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This is simply horrible. If we are taking these actions, having a bb gun on a desk, as a crime to the degree this school did, then every gun in the home must be removed by law as they are on school grounds. Not only that, every neighbor would have to remove theirs as well because it’d be within 1,000 feet of “school property or school activity.”

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) – 9-year-old Ka Mauri Harrison is a 4th grader at Woodmere Elementary and this year he’s a virtual learner so his classroom is his bedroom.

The school suspended Ka Mauri for violating a federal weapons law.

“I feel like they were picking, and totally just invading privacy. We can’t have no privacy in the house,” Nyron Harrison said.

On Sept. 11th, Ka Mauri was taking a test on the computer when his dad says Ka Mauri’s brother walked into the room and tripped over Ka Mauri’s BB gun.

“Ka Mauri picked it up and moved it out of the way, out of the walking path. When he moved it, he picked it up briefly and set it on the other side of him,” Harrison said.

According to the paperwork from his expulsion hearing, the teacher’s account of what happened matches Ka Mauri’s.




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