5 Ways to Make Money while Living Off the Grid

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Living off the grid, takes research, planning, and preparation. You will have to research many things such as: where is the best place to live, what resources you will need, how to obtain food, purifying water, herbs and other ingredients to make medicine, ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from assailants, and more. After obtaining all the information you will need to make plans, and finally, start preparing for a whole new lifestyle.

Of course, you will need to store food, water, and other important resources, but more importantly, you will need a way to make money to get more resources later. Here are some suggestions.


5 Ways to Make Money while Living Off the Grid

  1. Sell Rabbits:

Food is necessary to survive. In fact, a healthy human body can only go 30 to 40 days without food before starving to death. Yet, according to YouGov, 41 percent of Americans claim they are not prepared for disasters. Even if some are prepared, most people only store enough food for a few days, since things are expected to be restored back to order within 3 days when disasters strike. Therefore, you know soon after the SHTF — and the stores are all closed or looted out — there will be people everywhere searching for food.

A 3-oz serving of Rabbit meat contains approximately:

  • 28 g of protein
  • 4mg of iron
  • 204 mg phosphorus
  • 292 mg of potassium
  • 147 calories
  • And a wide variety of minerals

Rabbits become fertile at 6 months old and give birth to 1 to 14 babies at a time. The period of gestation for rabbits is just 28 to 31 days and within hours after giving birth they can be impregnated again. Moreover, they can be kept in giant cages and don’t cost much to feed.


  1. Sell Drinking Water:

Water is the most important resource needed for the human body to survive. With enough heat and exertion, our bodies can become dehydrated in as little as a few hours. Generally, healthy bodies can only last 2 days to 1 week without drinking water. However, the problem with storing water is in its weight contents. Because it is so heavy, someone on foot would have a hard time carrying it with them.

Finding water is no problem, there are lakes, rivers, and streams all over, but, knowing how to make it drinkable is another thing. There are more ways than one to make water safe to drink so that you can make money selling clean water.


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Run water through a cloth, paper towels, a coffee filter, or other.


Boiling water removes contaminants.



Iodine can be purchased in different forms to treat water, making it safe to drink.


Add ¼ teaspoon to treat one gallon of water.

Note: wait at least 30 minutes before drinking bleach or iodine treated water.

  1. Buy & Sell

It doesn’t take much to start buying merchandise to sell for profits, especially in desperate times when people are hurting for cash. However, don’t expect it to be like buying things cheap from craigslist and then selling them for a little more on Letgo or Offerup. Remember, the internet and cell phones will probably be down during this time, so you won’t have that luxury.

But, there will always be people trying to sell things to put food on the table and others who want to buy. All you would have to do is make it your business to find out who they are, then buy what they are selling for a reasonable price and sell for a little more to earn a profit. You can begin by letting friends and neighbors know that you’re interested in buying and selling and ask them to pass the word around. Before you know it, you will have many people coming your way to buy and sell and will rack up some bucks.

  1. Rent Things Out

Generally, when a neighbor comes to your door asking to borrow a wrench or a cup of sugar you wouldn’t hesitate to hand them over. However, in times like these — where such things may be nearly impossible to come by — you should consider charging rental fees. Think about all the things that people may eventually require, but won’t be able to just stop at their local Walmart to pick up, since (like many people) stores will be temporarily out of order. Some things to consider renting out are:

  • Tools

Tools will be very valuable when they are not easily obtainable as they are required for many important things.

  • Portable Heaters or Air Conditioners

If you are in an area where it’s cold, people will not hesitate to rent a running heater from you, just as if it’s hot they would be willing to pay to rent an air conditioner.

  • Transportation

Renting out a means of transportation like a car or even a bicycle would go over very well in a situation where transportation may be crucial to those who may have been immobile when the crisis took place.


  1. Sell Fish
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Almost every location has a place where you can go fishing, but not everyone will be able to go without the right fishing gear. Therefore, it would be a good idea to invest in some quality fishing gear and learn how to use it (if you don’t already know). You should use the internet to find out how to fish properly and more, while you still can.

First, you will need to know where you are going to fish if the situation should occur. Once you know where you will be fishing, you should also know the type of fish you will be able to catch at that location then you can stockpile on the bait required to catch those specific fish.

Should the time ever come, you will always have a way to make some good money selling fish, since everyone knows that fish is good for you and some people love it. Even if someone doesn’t like fish, they would buy it as eating it, would sure beat starving to death.



There are also many more ways to make money while living off the grid. You can use the internet to find more ideas and information, by searching on Google.

Nobody wants to think about a major disaster striking or another scenario taking place where the stores are closed or looted out, and we’re stuck having to fend for ourselves. But, you have to if you want to survive, and with the way things are going in the world today, it’s a good idea to start preparing now.


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Conrad Novak is a proud father of two children. His journey as a prepper began when Hurricane Katrina hit and he lost his job due to the 2008 economic crisis. That made him realize that everything can change for the worst in a very short time. This experience was the detonator for him to pursue learning and becoming better prepared to face the kind of unexpected disasters that may occur at any point in our lives. You can read more of his content at SurvivorsFortress.com




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