50% Of Millennials Are Moving Back Home With Their Parents After College

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via Forbes:

“Here are some highlights from the survey, among others:
1. Student loan debt is delaying major life decisions
Nearly 30% of young Millennials will delay moving out of their parents’ home and delay other important life milestones such as:
Buying a home: 47%
Saving for retirement: 40%
Moving out of parent(s)’ home: 31%
Getting married/civil ceremony: 21%
Having children: 21%
2. For those moving back home, the move will not be temporary
* 50% of young Millennials who are currently enrolled in college or who intend to go to college plan to move back home after they finish college.
* 31% of young Millennials plan to move back for at least two years.
* 56% plan to move back with their parents for at least a year.
* 38% of young Millennials expect to pay rent while living with their parents (the average rent: $486 per month).
* 82% of parents say they would welcome their children moving back home after college.”


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