50,000 Truck drivers currently protesting against Trudeau’s vaccine mandate… South Carolina, US. American truckers heading up to Ottawa to join the Canadian truckers!

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Huge amount of protesters on foot supporting them as they go past. Even police officer supports it

Great to see how the majority of people feel. Clearly people on twitter and reddit are full of shit and do not represent the majority.

Ontario Canada Trucker convoys protest against Vaccine Mandates

Italy & Paris France today protest against Vaccine Mandate and green pass

Covid Passport Riots and protests

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First Response protest over the mandated Vaccination passport that requires all people regardless of their health or age to get vaccinated to access certain stores and events .

large clashes with the police took place which showed teargas being deployed towards the protesters. Macron and Boris Johnson seem to have different views while Fauci and Joe Biden are pushing ahead with trying to get the vaccines mandated in America.

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Joe Rogan has triggered the Liberal left wing Labour and Democrats.
Russell Brand and Dr John Campbell provide information on this daily
ANTIFA are still rioting against anti-mandate supporters


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