5G MUST BE STOPPED! – The Truth About The Global 5G Agenda

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen who also specializes in telecom about the global roll-out of 5G technology and why it’s incredibly dangerous for health and our wallets. As many governments attempt to enforce 5G through public so-called services like in Morden, Manitoba Canada, the efficiency is absolutely terrible. In order for the infrastructure to work, 5G hubs would have to be built every 20 or 30 feet down every street. It’s not practical in rural communities and can have a serious health impact in cities where the frequency could lead to cancer through the destruction of hormone creation of melatonin among many other issues that have not been completely understood from an “official” level. The agenda is obvious, but all the same, massive government propped up monopolies have been pushing this agenda forward in the media and even in the classroom including Cisco and Huawei. The amount of media coverage after a while acts as a massive campaign to indoctrinate people into believing faster videos of cats is worth the countless risks and the massive amounts of money it will cost. This video is meant to simply make people aware of the risks and possibilities and to use their public demand to make it clear to those pushing this technology that you do not want this being rolled out in your neighborhood. The incremental frog boil with radiation safety limits is getting more and more dangerous by the day, especially in the United States and it’s about time people stand up against it.

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