6.7 Million Genetic Samples Including Sperm and Ova Could Go To Moon For ‘Global Insurance Policy’

Scientists want to send more than 6 million genetic samples — including a bevy of sperm and ova — to the moon in a bid to create a “global insurance policy” in case of worldwide disaster.

What are the details?

According to a Friday report from Insider, scientists would like to build a “lunar ark” on the moon, jam-packed with 6.7 million genetic samples including sperm and ova.

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The biological freight would be used to ensure the continuity of life against “natural disasters and other catastrophes” such as a “deadly epidemic, a super volcanic eruption, a large-scale nuclear war, widespread drought, or an asteroid.”

“The ark would involve shooting the sperm and ova samples of 6.7 million species up to the moon via multiple payloads,” the outlet noted. “The samples would then be stored in a vault beneath the surface of the moon, in a ‘lunar pit,’ where they could be kept secure.”

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