6 Best Apps to Help Your Kid Boost Writing Skills

There is no secret that all sorts of written assignments make up the biggest part of the curriculum in schools and colleges. Respectively, since these are the assignments that students face most often, these are also the assignments that students struggle with the most.

There are some students that are naturally good at writing. However, there are very few of them. As for the rest, they often have to go the extra mile to hone their writing skills, and if they don’t, they risk failing in school.

Luckily for all young people who can’t cope with their written tasks, there are many professional paper writing services that can do all the hard work for them and help them get high grades with ease. And there are also plenty of tools that can help students get better at writing. In this article, we are going to tell you about a few of them.

  • Essay Writing Services

As we mentioned earlier, there are many specialized services that assist students when they seek someone to do my essay cheap while maintaining high quality. Turning to them for help can help you get your papers done quickly, with literally no effort, and get a high grade. Yet, not many realize that such services can also be used for honing their own skills.

By getting a top-notch essay from a reliable service, kids and teens will have a great example right at their hands. Looking at it, they will see how a good paper should be structured and organized. And they will have a chance to communicate with professional writers and ask them questions. So, this is the first tool that can help learners get better at academic writing.

  • Grammarly

Many of us know Grammarly as an excellent tool for editing all kinds of texts. But, not many consider it as a great tool for practicing your writing and boosting your skills. And that’s in vain.

Thanks to Grammarly’s wide range of advanced features that enable you to get instant insights on grammar, punctuation, style, and other errors, you can start writing better, stronger, and cleaner. In addition, if you opt for a premium account, you can also get insights on the word choice and tone of voice and take your skills even further. So, if you are not using it yet, it might be time to begin.

  • Essay Launcher

The next app that students can use to nail academic writing is Essay Launcher. Compared to some other tools on this list, this one may not be as popular or widespread. But, this doesn’t make it any worse. On the contrary, it can be deservedly called one of the best applications for boosting learners’ writing skills.

So, what is so good about it? First and foremost, we have to highlight the intuitiveness and ease of use of Essay Launcher. The app is not filled with flashy animations or vivid colors that could distract you from writing. On the contrary, it leaves you one-on-one with your writing.

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Another great feature is that the app instantly provides you with questions like “What is your first reason that supports that statement?” This way, it helps you build a logical, well-organized essay with less effort. So, it is definitely worth trying!

  • Writing Prompts

Often, the main reason why students struggle with writing their academic papers is that they simply lack practice. Needless to say, making learners (especially younger ones) practice writing is hard. But, this next app helps to solve this problem. Writing Prompts is an app that provides students with engaging prompts for writing to inspire their interest in writing as a whole.

With this application, students of all ages can find a fun and exciting way to practice their skills. And, with some time and patience, it can turn them into better writers.

  • SimpleMind

Another common reason students struggle with academic writing is that they find it hard to generate and organize their ideas. If that’s the case, SimpleMind can really come in handy.

This app is built around the method of mind mapping. It is meant for helping users brainstorm and organize their thoughts in a clear and effective way before they get to writing. If you are wondering how this can help learners hone their skills, the answer is simple – through mastering mind mapping, students can start writing clearer and stronger. And it will also help them stay more organized in the process.

  • Dictionary.com

One last reason that can hold young people back from writing effectively is a banal lack of vocabulary. But, there is a simple solution. For all students looking to improve their writing by expanding their vocabularies, Dictionary.com is probably the best bet!

This application is available on the web and for mobile devices and can be used both online and offline. With its help, students can look up any words in a few simple clicks. Most importantly, this application also helps learners stay focused during the process. While using it, they won’t have the temptation to start surfing the web every time they want to look up a specific word. So, this app is definitely worth trying.


So, these were a few of the best apps for inspiring and improving students’ writing. Start leveraging them now to get better at academic writing and ensure success!

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