$600 a week extra for those at home, while essential workers struggle

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I predict a huge uproar soon as people begin to realize the disparity here. Those who have been laid off or furloughed are making an extra 600 dollars per week ON TOP of normal unemployment benefits, which could equal over a thousand dollars a week. Bear in mind these people are sitting at home making Tik Tok videos dancing without shirts and bulges flopping around.

Meanwhile, people in essential industries are busting their behind in the middle of a warzone. They’re making essentially the same amount of money, or less, as they did before, and in many cases being denied protective equipment. How is this sustainable? How long before people who work in essential industries strike and we lose our truckers, our grocery workers, our nurses?

How could this pass congress in the first place without AT LEAST hazard pay for those in essential industries?



h/t throwawaygamgra


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