7-Eleven Clerk Refuses Service To Soldier

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Okay y’all I realize that this is older news but I just became aware of it and wanted to share. I rarely go use 7-eleven but as of now I’ll be avoiding it all together.

7-Eleven Clerk Refuses Service To Soldier

“She said, ‘You’re in the military?’ I said, ‘Yes,’” Brown told KIRO. “She said, ‘I can’t serve you.’ Honestly, I was in shock. I asked, ‘Are you serious?’ She looked at me like she was offended.”

Video version here:

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This looks to be the original story.
Soldier unhappy with service at 7-Eleven

“A local soldier, whose story sparked a firestorm of nationwide anger on social media, says a Redmond convenience store clerk denied him service, after he showed his military ID.”

7-Eleven’s response:
“It’s clear that a misunderstanding occurred at a franchised 7-Eleven store. We understand that a customer presented a military ID as a form of identification when buying age-restricted products, and the Franchisee’s store associate could not clearly read the birth date. In this instance, the store associate, by law, was required to ask to see a second form of ID with a birthdate. After the customer’s age was verified, the transaction was completed. Serving members of the military, being named a top military-friendly company and employing military veterans are great honors for 7-Eleven.” 

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