7 Million People Can’t Pay Their Car Bills! Americans Struggle With Massive Debt

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This is definitely serious. But the truth is that it’s just one piece of the puzzle. It has nothing to do with particular car companies, their management, or their scandals. It’s about massive debt on all levels and a slowing economy. Expand your view, open your mind, and be humble. Anyone who has lived through some rough or unfortunate times may be humbled by it. Never forget what life teaches us. If we touch the stove, we get burned. We don’t have to get burned though. We can hear about those who have been burned. See pictures, videos, from different sources. We learn from the mistakes of others. That’s why books are so amazing. Learning from history.

There are those who have been doing very well since the Financial Crisis, prior to the Dot Com bust, and even the multi-generational wealthy who continuously do well, in good times and bad. But for the majority of Americans that simply is not the case. Just look at the statistics for yourself. Some of the most popular jobs that are full-time are in the healthcare industry. And they earn $24,000 per year. Countless people have been surveyed stating they have taken on a second job simply because they can’t afford their bills. Americans are in the most amount of debt ever in history and this shouldn’t be a sign of a strong consumer. It should be a warning indicator to all those paying attention. And that’s why…


Powell says it’s the Fed’s job to keep the economy in a ‘good place’ for ‘as long as possible’


Americans Are Taking Out Ridiculously Long Auto Loans


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Toyota Typifies Ugly Month With 16% Slide: Auto Sales Update – BNN Bloomberg


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Air cargo: Freight rates fall to four-year low




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